Collection: Benefab Therepy Products

Designed for rehabilitative & preventative health, Benefab products are developed by founder Kat Chrysostom using the same technology that helped her heal after she had a major riding accident in 2011 that left her temporarily paralyzed.

These fabrics were infused with lead-free minerals that emit far-infrared wavelengths that are proven to increase blood circulation, dilate capillaries, and reduce inflammation. Benefab products are designed to penetrate deeply into the treatment area for maximum results and pain relief. 

  • Far-infrared Wavelengths decrease inflammation for better mobility
  • Increased circulation improves recovery time and overall comfort
  • Our smart products feature magnets at acupuncture points for targeted healing
  • Breathable and soft fabrics remain comfortable for year round use
  • Built for the rigors of daily life with quality construction
  • Moisture whisking, long lasting, and demands less washing
  • Anti-microbial for odor control and keeping fungus at bay
  • Non-invasive therapy for better performance and more happiness