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Sarah Koch is a lifelong horsewoman, a certified Equine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapist, and founder of Form Through Function Equine Development. She grew up in New Jersey and learned classical riding and training principles at an early age. Sarah has competed in both English & Western disciplines, served as a riding instructor and operated a full-service equestrian facility. With over 30 years in the equine industry, she brings a wealth of experience to her clients and their horses. Sarah currently resides in Kellyville, Oklahoma and serves a multitude of equine athletes in the greater Tulsa area.

 Sarah is a Certified EMFT (Equine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapist) diligently pursuing her mission to help horses achieve maximum levels of health and well-being. She utilizes a combination of bodywork, posture development, training, instruction with horse and owner/handler and lifestyle changes to address the individual issues of each horse she works with. Her current case studies include horses who have suffered from EPM, THO, severe injuries, malnourishment and abuse/neglect. She is sensitive to the horse’s emotions and adjusts her body work based on their body language and reactions. 

 Sarah is a lifelong learner always gaining more knowledge and skills to offer more relief to her clients. Currently she is enrolled in and working towards certifications for Equine Nerve Release, Holistic Equine Nutrition, Equine Craniosacral Therapy, Equine Kinesiology Taping, and Animal Myofascial Release. 

 Sarah’s steadfast dedication to equine wellness inspires her to open her mind and learn as much as possible. Sarah’s passion for all things equine inspires anyone who is near when she is helping a horse.


Currently accepting new clients in Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding areas

Equine Development Services Offered

Equine Sports Massage: Sarah is certified in Myo-manipulative Functional Therapy for equines. Her work restores proper function and range of motion via manual manipulation (massage) of the horse’s soft tissues. Over time many physical and behavioral issues can be alleviated as the horse’s body realigns and relaxes. Horses of all sports and disciplines benefit from regular sports massage, including faster recovery from exercise and injury, increased immune function, reduced risk of injury, increased athletic performance, increased range of motion and improved mood and attitude.

 Equine Postural Therapy: Increase your horse’s athleticism and soundness regardless of conformation through restoration of proprioceptive function, range of motion and emotional regulation through combined therapies including groundwork exercises, mounted exercises and massage. Horses who have “lost” their topline due to age, neglect, malnutrition or improper training techniques will benefit greatly from Sarah’s careful work. 

 Equine Physical Therapy: Horse owners can become easily overwhelmed with the needs, treatments and therapy of their recovering horse. Horses who have had a health crisis, major surgery or lameness issues as well as horses who have encountered neglect and malnutrition will benefit from Sarah’s care. Sarah works with owners and their veterinarians to administer prescribed therapies and care over the length of the recovery. Careful monitoring, excellent communication with medical professionals and consistent care all work to help horses recover more quickly and with less complications.

 Equine Evaluation and Consulting: Sarah holds a wealth of equine experience that can help owners navigate the often complex path to a healthy horse. Whether you’re buying a horse or already own one, Sarah can help you ascertain your horse’s needs and assist you in making a multitude of decisions about the horse’s current and future health care. 

 Distance Services: Live online consulting and PT guidance for those who are outside of our service radius. 

To inquire about services, or if you have questions please fill out the contact form below or text Sarah at (918) 550-9711.

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