Introduction & A is for Athlete

Introduction & A is for Athlete


Hi, I am Sarah Koch, Founder of Form Though Function Equine Development. 

Welcome to my blog. When I first decided to start this I was excited to share all of my knowledge on training, biomechanics and lots of other technical information. Although I am still eager to share that with you, after writing a couple of rough drafts I was not happy with them but unsure why. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Without thought process, concepts, & values the technical stuff doesn’t matter. There is always a grey area and unpredictability when dealing with living, sentient beings so without a belief system that focuses on emotion, instinct, connection, trust, and feel the other stuff is not nearly as powerful or effective. Because of this,  I’d like to begin our journey together by introducing you to what I call the Mindset Alphabet. This is a collection of thoughts, theories, and perspectives I hold around how specific words relate to horses and life in general. I am not putting these out there to tell any of you how to think or feel, but rather articulate how I think and feel about these matters. My intention is to give you insight to who I am at my core as well as provide anyone reading a different perspective or comfort in knowing they are not alone in how they feel. Either way I hope these topics are thought provoking and encourage you to further develop your own belief system and energy around them. 

Although I am starting with A, this will not go in alphabetical order and there may be multiple topics for some letters and none for others.  I will be peppering more technical information related to training, anatomy, biomechanics, bodywork, rehabilitation and more  as separate musings in-between Alphabet Mindset Blogs as we go. So, without further ado, Here is A is for Athlete!

Horses are athletes, so why do so many people treat them like sports equipment? This is a question that has plagued me for years. I see so many horses started in advanced work before their bodies are developed enough to perform the tasks asked without injury. Then, when they have an issue arise that is caused by humans pushing them along so quickly, they are traded in for a new model. 

Human athletes go through years of physical and mental development while receiving regular routine maintenance such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, functional fitness, proprioceptive training, diet planning, and more to ensure they stay athletic, are less prone to injury, able to recover quickly, and keep performing at their peak. Why is it that so many do not realize horses need the same consideration and care if they are to perform their best? Slowly developing the horses mind and body would allow them to perform better, and stay sound longer. You wouldn’t get up one day, never having run any significant distance and enter a marathon. You would evaluate where you are, prepare a plan, and slowly build up the strength and stamina as your body allows. Why expect to skip this process with our horses? It is something to ponder. I could continue and list all the reasons I see that so many horses wind up overused and thrown away or retired at a young age, but I’d rather hear from you.  Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you - Sarah Koch, Form Through Function Equine Development


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